Main screen

The following is a sample screen shot:


Click here to learn more about the menus. 

Control buttons

Play button:  starts playback of the grid from left to right.  The computer must first compile the grid before playback begins.  The progress of the compilation is indicated by the progress bar (located down in he status bar at the bottom of the window).  When the grid is playing a timer will appear to the right of the control buttons indicating time elapsed.

Play range button:  asks the user to click first on the column to start with and then the ending column to playback.  The computer will first compile the columns the user wishes to playback.  The progress of the compilation is indicated by the progress bar.  When the grid is playing a timer will appear directly to the right of the control buttons indicating time elapsed.

Stop button:  is enabled during grid playback and when pushed will immediately stop playback of the grid.

Clear grid button:  will clear the entire contents of the grid (does not include column timings or row label information).  User confirmation is required if changes have been made and not saved.

Communication ports (serial version only)

Select which communication port the control boxes are connected to  This space is left blank on the parallel and CR versions of the software.

Volume control

Move this to adjust the volume of the audio playback.  The speaker icon is a toggle button which will mute and un-mute the audio.


This is where you tell Dasher which lights to turn on or off.  If a cell is highlighted that means the channel is on.  If a cell is not highlighted the channel is off.  Simply click on the cell in order to change it.

If one wishes to change a whole column at a time, simply click on the column header.  The column will then be inverted (reversed).  The same holds true for rows.  However, make sure you don't have Channel Names, Column timing, or Global command(s) options checked.  To learn more about these, click here.

It is possible to highlight a portion of the grid in order to change it.  Simply click on the grid and then drag the mouse pointer.  This will highlight a portion of the grid.  When you release the mouse button the selected portion of the grid will invert (reverse).

It is also possible to select the whole grid by clicking on the upper left-hand corner of the grid.  Doing this will invert (reverse) the entire grid.

If you don't wish to invert a whole column or row and instead want to select or unselect it, click here.

If you wish to use the Copy, Cut, or Paste feature, click here.

Status bar

Traveling from left to right, the leftmost section of the status bar is where Dasher displays informational messages for the user, such as "Saving...", "Compiling...", etc, as well as messages prompting the user to take some action, such as "Click on first column...", etc.

The next sections are indicators of which settings are currently turned on.  Clicking on them in the status bar is the same as selecting them from the Settings menu.  Follow the previous link to learn more about what they do.

The next section is where the progress bar is displayed.

The rightmost section displays the computer's current time.

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